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Mueller's Pub

1424 Overland Pass
Claysburg, Pennsylvania 16625
United States

(814) 239-5111

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  • Posted By , 4 years ago
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    The only reason this burger got one star is because PeepMeat won't let me choose ZERO stars.

    When I got this "Black & Blue" Burger from the lodge at Blue Knob Ski resort, by no means was I expecting greatness. After placing my order with the grumpiest line-cook ever, I immediately began to regret my decision to not pack a lunch. Grumpy-Line-Cook, while barely restraining himself from getting into a fist fight with grumpy line-cook #2, proceeded to place (throw) my frozen, pre-made burger on the grill top with all the love and care of a special olympics discus thrower.

    I ended up with a less-than-elementary-school-cafeteria quality burger with the cheapest white bun available and a glob of bleu cheese dressing mixed with chili powder. And I'm pretty sure they removed the bleu cheese chunks out of the dressing. Lettuce and tomato?… Not an option. At least the beer was cold. And the empty handle of Captain Morgan's lamp was a classy touch.

    After consuming, I made sure to warn my buddy not to ski behind me and to watch out for the brown snow.

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