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Bobby's Burger Palace

7002 Arundel Mills Cir., #777
Hanover, Maryland 21076
United States

(443) 445-2500

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  • Posted By , 2 years ago
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    This burger lived up to my expectations which were based on the reputation that Bobby Flay has in the culinary world. The beef patty was cooked just right (medium rare), it was quite juicy, and the taste of the beef was fabulous. My mouth is watering right now for another one! I ordered the Classic, which came on a lightly toasted fresh bun with tomato, lettuce, and red onions. BTW, their sweet potato fries are great, too! My only disappointment was that that restaurant was an almost cafeteria-type setting and I had to go inside the casino to get there.

  • Posted By , 3 years ago
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    Given that the "Miami" listed most of the ingredients of a Cuban Sandwich, I was disappointed that this burger lacked any pizazz. Then there was the burger. Ordered medium rare, it was juicy. However when sampled alone (without any of the mustard/mayo, ham, pickles, or cheese), it was fairly bland.

    Then there was the decor. Just like being on a college campus at one of their dining facilities- bright florescent lighting everywhere, like being at Micky-D's without anything for the kids.

    Being able to order a quality beer to wash the burger down was nice.

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