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Picture of Wendy's - Buenos Aires

Wendy's - Buenos Aires

Av. Cabildo 2224
Capital Federal - Buenos Aires 1428

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a picture for Wendy's - Buenos Aires!


for Wendy's - Buenos Aires!
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    That little redheaded girl in pigtails has come back to the Southern Cone to bring the fight to the dominant BK and McD's burger establishment. First, a confession. I have a soft spot in my heart for Wendy's. It's the only mainstream burger chain I like and would ever visit for lunch. This is mostly a result of my love for easy access to chili (even mass produced) and loaded baked potatoes but I also appreciate even the illusion of handmade burgers over the normal factory frozen crap.
    Now that the Baconator has returned to Buenos Aires after a 12 year hiatus I can say that in relative terms it blows the other mass-market chains out of the water. The meat was much better quality than the standard at BK/McD and tasted juicy even though I suspect it was not a handcrafted patty. But, just like back in the states Wendy's is just as much about the sides and while i'd give them a B- in execution I'm happy to see all the classics available. This small location is currently their only hold in South America but they are supposed to open 50 stores over the next 10 years. I hope one of the next ones is in my neighborhood. bring on the competition.
    Operation Nostalgia: Successful

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