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1578 North Clybourn Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60642
United States

(312) 255-0055

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  • Posted By , 4 years ago
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    Try the 'Fughetabodit' burger! Prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella cheese and a fried egg. Your mouth will love you forever!

    A vegetarian friend who dined with me said that veggie burgers usually taste like hot armpit on rye bread but that this place makes them actually taste good! Give this place a try

  • Posted By , 5 years ago
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    Day 45: Burger Bar Chicago

    I had an early lunch here on February 15th 2012

    I had never been to burger bar before but had heard a great deal about it before hand. Upon arrival we were greeted and seated by a very kind waitress who gave us the run down on the menu and what this place was about.

    In the waitresses’ pre order spiel she covered a special burger that used to be on the menu but no longer is; it was at that moment I decided what I was having. This burger was a half pound of grass fed ground chuck with caramelized onions, a hand full of red wine braised shredded beef short rib, and topped off with a house made garlic aioli. I just couldn’t pass it up.

    After about 15 minutes the food arrived, I was a little intimidated by this thing. It was big, had more than just a dollop of aioli on top, and there must have been nearly half pound of short rib on it.

    I assembled it quickly and dove in, I didn’t want anything to get saturated and fall apart. The first bite was savory bliss, as were the second and third bite. The juices from the burger and short rib were dripping down my arm. The garlic aioli was strong but not over powering to the subtle flavors in the beef. The caramelized onions were as delicious and delicate as one would expect. I was also very surprised that the bun held up.

    This was a damn good burger. I know some would argue that with the extras this is more of a sandwich, but who am I to argue with the chef who made it. I would definitely suggest burger bar for any of your burger cravings, as long as a $14 price tag doesn’t scare you off.

    P.S. They have truffle fries!!


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