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Five Guys

43518 Christy St
Fremont, California 94538
United States

(510) 353-1331

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for Five Guys!
  • Posted By , 6 years ago
    • Rating:
      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
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    We've eaten here twice & I've been bamboozled by my phone in terms of peeping it.

    I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the standard order includes 2 patties and a whole list of toppings. The burger patties are awesome and all the toppings and buns complement them well. The burger's size is perfect and if you order some fries you'll likely end up on the brink of being stuffed because they offer very generous portions.

    I'd gladly go out of my way to enjoy these burgers again.

  • Posted By , 7 years ago
    • Rating:
      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
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    I ate at 5 guys but it was not my turn to peep, so I had to enjoy my burger all the while contemplating how much I would love to peep this juicy, slab of meat smothered with cheese and 2 semi soggy buns(this is a good thing). Even through this disapointing stretch of my meal I could not keep myself contained about the sheer epiclicity of this delicious masterpiece. These burgers come standard with 2 patties and any type of toppings you want for around 5 bucks. Cant beat that, but you can peep it.

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