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Picture of Hegenburger's Hamburger Restaurant

Hegenburger's Hamburger Restaurant

280 Hegenberger Rd
Oakland, California 94621
United States

(510) 569-9115

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  • Posted By , 7 years ago
    • Rating:
      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
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    Why is everyone compelled to highlight the fact that the name of the street that this place is located on has 'burger' in its name. The owner already acknowledged this fact by calling his product 'hegenburger' rather than 'hamburger' so let it go already. You hearing this yelp? Ok, sorry, next time i visit I'll stop by the conveniently located spiritual adviser to come to terms with this annoying trend.

    I gladly volunteered to drive my friend, Bomb Dollaz, to the airport today because it would provide an opportunity to peep some previously unpeeped meat.

    Unfortunately I had to wait a half hour to eat this beauty after ordering it, I wasn't about to risk going into a burger coma in Oakland without an ally by my side. The ride home was torturous because the burger aroma was so powerful.

    Because of the delayed enjoyment everything had a chance to blend and congeal into a tasty artery clogging concoction. It also aided in pre-digestion, kinda like a spider's venom, because the burger increasingly fell apart with each bite. The pickles and lettuce kept falling out and the bun split into a few pieces.

    The bun tasted like what I remember a McD's bun to taste like & the fries were similar to what I remember BK's tasted like & now that I think of it, the burger may have tasted like a Wendy's burger. Hmmm, maybe not. Regardless, this was one awesome burger.

    The owner was mega friendly, there is lots of old school Raiders stuff on the wall & it's conveniently located close to the Oakland Airport.

    I suggest making this part of each trip to & from the airport, you won't be sorry, unless you are 45 minutes away from a toilet, then maybe you'll regret your decision. But because it is a delayed regret I say, 'Get your peep on, bitches!'

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