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Rosie's Snack

On The Beach
, Saint Martin
St Maarten

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  • Posted By , 6 years ago
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    It might be the only option you have for a burger (or food in general), but it's one of the best burger experiences I've ever had! Yes, the atmosphere helps immensely, but if you are barefoot on the beach in St. Marteen, and have this burger with a Red Stripe for lunch, you will never forget it!

  • Posted By , 7 years ago
    • Rating:
      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
      • You have current rated this 0/5 Stars.
    • Price: $

    If you haven't been to Mullet Bay on St Maarten, go. Its so beautiful you could eat a turd, look at the water, and still smile. So this cheeseburger gets special treatment in this review. The burger is $4.50. It's served with fries and more condiments than you'd expect from a beach shack. The burger is basically a great cafeteria burger, cooked to order on a grill, near a van, parked by the shack. It was exactly what I was craving. I admit, if this was served at a lesser location I would probably give it a 3, but it gets the nod for being served in paradise.

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