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Original Hick'ry Pit

1495 S Main St
Walnut Creek, California 94596-5318
United States

(925) 935-7450

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  • Posted By , 3 years ago
    • Rating:
      • Currently 2/5 Stars.
      • You have current rated this 0/5 Stars.
    • Price: $$$

    This peep has been a long time coming so I'm pretty upset with its rating. I've been close to peeping this so many times (when visiting the area for the birth of my niece, the birth of my son, when I broke my collarbone & all the required follow ups.) I finally made peeping this location a 'priority' when in the area for the birth of my daughter. So, as you can see, this peep coulda been a highlight of one or many milestones, but alas, 2 stars.

    1 star for pattie size & 1 star for being hand-packed with onions mixed in (great option to offer). No stars but total 'pro'... one of cashiers has the tightest, blackest & shiniest curls I've ever witnessed, it looked like a wig, it was amazing.

    After staring at it from our room's window for two days I finally gave in & ordered a burger with cole slaw to go. I was told it would be ready in 20 mins. (the to-go menu states all orders will be ready in 15... LIES!!) ((The menu also states that they 'reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE'. The caps make me believe that they are proud of that & have exercised that option a few times.))

    The burger was blander than I expected, especially for one cooked with chopped onions in it. I think it was because it was less juicy than it should be, ketchup would've really helped but it only comes with lettuce & a tomato slice. The cole slaw was hilarious, they stuff a normal sized Styrofoam to-go burger box full of the stuff and provide a cup of dressing on the side. I dumped it into the burger's salad sized to-go tin & it was filled to the rim.

    No star taken away but total con... the young non-tight curled cashier was a prick. His smugness migjt go un-noticed by the senile & geriatric crowd that frequent the joint but I hated every second of the minute I spent with him.

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