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Picture of Ocean View Roadhouse Bar

Ocean View Roadhouse Bar

4.5 Km Transpeninsular highway #1
Cabo San Lucas

(624) 143-1516

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for Ocean View Roadhouse Bar!
  • Posted By , 4 years ago
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    This is the "Big Mike On a Bun" burger from the Ocean View Roadhouse Bar. This place is sort of in the middle of nowhere and the address is kind of a mystery but every taxi driver knows how to get there.

    This burger was just what the doctor ordered after 4 days of ceviche and seafood. It's a bar burger, no frills, but the secret sauce is similar to a big Mac and the grilled onions are winners. The burger is big, big enough for two small people to share or for one normal person to eat and feel like dying. Really good and the view is excellent. Good fries, surprisingly good slaw too. The pickle sucked. Get this burger.

    This place is like a baby boomer's dream come true. Lots of 45+ singles drinking tequila and getting frisky. We got out of there after sunset but you could tell there was gonna be some good old fashioned hooking up going down. It's amazing to witness. A must for Cabo tourists.

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