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Golden Road Brewery

5410 W San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, California 90039
United States

(213) 373-4677

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  • Posted By , 4 years ago
    • Rating:
      • Currently 3/5 Stars.
      • You have current rated this 0/5 Stars.
    • Price: $$

    So this place is awesome. Great beers and a lot of the food is really good. It's probably my favorite place in LA to hang out outside and let my dog watch me get drunk. That being said…the GRB Burger is lacking a few things.

    The bun and the toppings on this baby are so damn good: grilled onions, sundried tomatoes, bacon and cheddar. Even the lettuse is better than expected. The flavors are really great.

    The burger itself, the meat, is just ok. It felt a bit rubbery and even though it was cooked to the correct temperature, it just wasn't awesome. The fries straight up suck which is surprising because a lot of their other sides and appetizers are really good. They should probably start cutting their own fries and ditch the shoestrings.

    Go to this place and order a big as pretezel, some vegan lasagna and a few glasses of great beer. If you're craving a burger, great – go for it. If not, pass on it.

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