Becoming a Meat Peeper is Easy

First, register with a username, email address, and a password. That's it. No questions, no phone numbers, credit cards, or front teeth necessary.

Second, go buy a burger the way you like a business. We think you make a great homemade burger and all, but come on, Pal, keep your own Meat to yourself.

Third, Take a picture of the BURGER as it as served and/or as you dress it before you take a bite. Then take a picture of the RECEIPT when it arrives so that the rest of us know what we're getting into. Finally, on your way out the door, take a picture of the STOREFRONT, BUILDING, or SHACK so we can spot it from our car, bike, UFO, or air boat (You're welcome Louisiana).

Finally, POST YOUR PICS ON PEEPMEAT. Leave us the Name, Address, Phone Number of the burger joint and write a review if you feel like it, or don't, but you should.

That's it. Go forth, Meat Peepers!


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