Ted Rinehart is a talented solo musician based out of Denver, Colorado.  At the age of 26, he’s a grizzled old veteran who has played the many venues of Denver for the past ten years. When Ted isn’t performing you can find him behind the bar at one of Denver’s finest burger establishments, The Cherry Cricket. When you go, make sure that you ask him for the burger that was selected as a favorite on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”

You can see Ted play a charity benefit for Optimus Youth this Friday night March 25, 2011 at the Walnut Room. He goes on at 7:30pm.

PM: Have you ever played a gig and been paid in burgers?

No, but with the money I’ve made I could feed a small fishing village with burgers.

PM: You work at a place called the Cherry Cricket. Why is it named that and why should people spend their cash there?

Legend has it that soon after Cliff Edwards hung up his hat as the voice of Jiminy Cricket he went into the bar business in Denver, CO. Seeing as the bar he opened was in a part of town known as Cherry Creek, the confluence of his voice-over career and geography could render only one thing: The Cherry Cricket. No, I actually have no idea. But, I feel like that’s a way better version than anyone has ever told me. People should spend their cash there because we have to claim charge tips.

PM: Have you ever tackled a woman and instantly regretted it?

I’ve been tackled by a woman and instantly regretted it.

PM: Is Denver a burger town or is it all John Elway’s horse face all the time?

Although John Elway’s horse face and tight dad jeans loom large over the Mile High City, we are, at heart, a beef burger town.

PM: Say you and a buddy are playing paintball and someone shoots your buddy right in the neck and he collapses into your arms and looks up at you and says, “I ain’t gonna make it…” What’s the one burger, from anywhere in the world, that you would stuff into his mouth to make his pain go away?

That would probably be the Delux Burger in Phoenix, AZ. It’s recommended cooking temperature is medium-rare and comes with a “maytag bleu cheese and gruyere cheese blend, caramelized onion with applewood smoked bacon mixture and baby arugula served on a hand crafted toasted demibaguette” (citation ommitted). It’ll make you want to take your culinary pants off.

PM: Can you slam dunk?

Like crazy on a 7 foot rim.

PM: If you could have one local beer and one local burger with anyone dead or alive, who and what would be enjoyed?

I’d have to say a Cricket Burger paired with an Odell’s Bourbon Barrel Stout (mainly because I really want to try it and this hypothetical situation is an ideal opportunity) and the person I’d choose would be Theodore Anderson Rinehart Sr., the progenitor of my name, because I never had the opportunity to meet him.