Jason Lam runs the food blog “Me So Hungry” (http://www.mightysweet.com/mesohungry/) and is also a ass-kicking musician in the bands Tigers & Monkeys/Justice of the Unicorns

PM: Let’s get real: If you owned a dog and that dog suddenly learned to talk and that dog said, “What’s the best burger you’ve ever had (in a restaurant)?” What would you say?

Minetta Tavern’s Black Label burger …because of it’s premium blend of Pat LaFrieda meat, cooked so juicy, rich and flavorful. Doy!

PM: Would your dream date order a burger with Fries, Rings, Tots, or a Wild Card side dish of your choosing?

Rings and Tots would be a pretty hot date, but that’s probably two different kinds of girls. Rings is like a hot uptown girl. Tots is a hot downtown girl. Wild Card would be hot if you can pick something like bone marrow or collards with pig’s cheek, but could be lame if it was like cantaloupe …or maybe that would be hot. Fries are what someone’s mom would order. But she’s probably hot too.

PM: Who among your friends cooks the best backyard burger?

Matt Drdek makes the best. Takes a quarter pound of meat per patty, seasons it. Marinates a portabello mushroom in a ziplock bag of melted butter. Grills that with a nice slice of cheese. That’s the first burger I ever had that didn’t need ketchup.

PM: Have you shared your feelings with him/her recently?

I shared a few burgers with him recently, if that’s what you mean.

PM: You have a food blog. Tell our Peeple about it and don’t hold back. This is your time to shine.

I’m Me So Hungry food blog! It started out about eating at cheap ethnic hole in the walls in New York. It’s evolved and now been about me being so hungry, finding food, trying new stuff, learning about people and myself and sharing with all of you! …It’s a way for me to pick up chicks.

PM: Last question, If you could give any advice to the cooks and chefs out there who make a shitty burger, what would you tell them?

Martin’s Potato Roll, FTW!